Frequently asked questions

While we are working on contracts with insurance providers we currently do not accept insurance and we are private pay like most residential care homes

Our live in staff provides medication reminders and if needed we place orders for refills and place medications on a delivery service. 

To keep fees affordable for families we offer spacious shared rooms with privacy curtains to divide the space. 

We do not currently offer transportation to appointments.

We provide 2 sets of sheets, 1 winter blanket, 1 summer blanket, a starter basket of toiletries, washcloths and towels. You will provide specialty toiletries, personal snacks , a case of water monthly and all incontinent items monthly. 

Yes, our day typically starts at 8:30 with showers and grooming followed by breakfast, light exercises and physical therapy, socialization, lunch, activity, rest and dinner.

Yes, we encourage you to spend time with your loved one whether that be a visit to the home or taking them out for a get away. 

Yes, the fees cover 3 daily home cooked meals with snacks in between. Families provide preferred snacks plus a case of water each month.

Yes, we are able to adjust our meals and seasonings to meet dietary restrictions including low salt and no salt meals, mostly baked foods instead of fried foods and a variety of healthy snacks. Fruits and vegetables are served daily. 

When choosing our home for your loved one, we allow you to get back to your life and provide all around care which includes laundry, cleaning and care of your loved one.

We Understand everyone’s sleep schedule varies. If the television is kept at a reasonable level and does not disturb others from sleeping we allow television in the evenings. Each room is equipped with a television. 

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